This site is currently undergoing some changes. Between the time I last worked on it and the present, Google App Engine has received a number of important changes that I need to consider as as work on the site progresses. Luckily, the entire site (backend & frontend code, markup templates, styles, and content) has been under revision control since the beginning. I'll be making new changes and merging back changes from previous revisions, but the end result will look better, perform better, and not cost much to run.


Welcome to tinfoil, my personal web presence for fun and [I wish] profit. It's mostly hand-coded and completely awesome.


Just Justin for now.



In the cloud! Ported to WSGI via Apache from mod_python a while back, then to WSGI via Cherokee, now moved (mostly) to the Google App Engine.


Since 2001, when I accumulated enough computers to set one aside for experimenting and such. However, this server is now also my personal desktop. If for some reason traffic ever gets high enough to need a dedicated machine, I still have enough parts to build up another machine to dedicate to the site. Or until I move the whole get-up into the cloud via App Engine. Which is in progress and mostly done. At least, it's mostly done as far as what worked immediately before. Journal and pictures were broken, and although the journal should be easy to fix with App Engine's users module, pictures might take a bit.


Google App Engine delivers static content (images, stylesheets, javascripts, etc), and dispatches requests through WSGI to some Python programs.

The main site uses the YUI Reset, Base, and Fonts styles to make things look the same on many different platforms and browsers. I also have hand-coded stylesheets for laying out the header and menu areas.

jQuery handles manipulating the documents dynamically and smoothly. Hiding/showing the edit form for example.


Why not?

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